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Dec. 3, 2014

Metrol Woman & Tool Setters Fly to Bangkok!

Staff Blog

This is METROL Staff blog.

Today, we introduce a salesperson, Ms. Fukuda and her business trip to Thailand!

She has been working for Metrol for 2 years as a salesperson in ASEAN region.
This was her 13th business trip to Thailand:-o

ASEAN’s Largest Machine Tool Exhibition “METALEX”

This time, “METALEX” is the main purpose of her trip.

It’s the largest exhibition for Machine Tools and Metalworking Technologies in ASEAN.

About 2,700 companies from more than 50 countries came together in BITEC (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center).

From engineers of Japanese companies to machine tool users working in Thai factories,
many customers visited Metrol’s booth:-)

Trends of Factory Automation in Thailand

Behind the rapid economic growth, a labour shortage due to aging population and lower birthrate has become a serious problem in the country.

To overcome the situation, many Thai manufacturers have tried to automate their factories.

Ms.Fukuda thinks this trend as a great chance for Metrol!
There should be many possibilities for Precision Positioning Switches to contribute in factory automation.

Circle of Relationship

Although Ms. Fukuda had experienced several exhibitions in Thai so far,
this year’s METALEX turned out to be a special one to her.

Doing business activities overseas from zero was not easy at the beginning.
At the METALEX last year, she visited possible customers’ booths one by one to PR our products.

This time, she welcomed lots of customers visiting Metrol booth to see her.
She said she could deepen the ties with local companies as well.

At first, she was alone.
But now, there are broad and strong personal connections around her.
And these relationships must be the most precious things for business overseas.


Next morning of the last day of METALEX, Ms. Fukuda is at the airport.
Her next destination is “MANUFACTURING EXPO2014” in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Now, she is excited in expectation of wonderful encounters there.
Saying goodbye to Thailand, a journey of a Metrol woman continues.

Gazing at Chao Phraya River from the water-bus, what would be in her mind?
A marketing strategy in Thailand?
Or perhaps, her favorite Thai food, Tom Yum Goong?

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