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May. 1, 2015

SIMM2015: Robotic Automation and Manufacturing in China


Metrol participated in “SIMM 2015” in March, 2015.

What’s SIMM?
SIMM stands for Shinzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition and has been one of the most popular industrial exhibitions both inside China and in East Asian region.
A wide variety of latest technology from CNC machine tools, robots, precision parts to software and 3D printers are exhibited in SIMM.
For us, this was the 5th time to join the exhibition.

Full of People!

The main street of the event space was so crowded like an amusement park!
Some people think China is no more the center of manufacturing as ASEAN region has been taking that role recently.
But that’s not true! Manufacturing in China seems to keep growing even more.

Robotic Automation

This time, many exhibitors focused on Robotic Automation which combines robots and CNC machine tools.

This is because introducing robotic automation is now thought to be essential to deal with the rapid rise of personnel expenses in China.

Also, the trend of machines in the country looked different from what was used to be before.
“High precision” and “High designability” has been paid more and more attention these days.

Look!! There is Metrol Touch Probe!

Our new product, ” Ultra precision compact Touch Probe” was already installed and exhibited in the machine tool produced by a local company!

This probe has 1μm repeatability and can be used in five-shaft processing machines or other large-sized robots where infra-red optical communication system might be affected by noise.

Unique Exhibitors!!

One of the most exciting things of Chinese exhibition might be…Cosplayer!!
This time, I found Robots which look like those in the film “Transformer”.

There were so many people around them to take a photo.

Crocodile in Fish-tank!?

Shinzhen is famous for seafood restaurants but I had never imagined that a crocodile was in a fish-tank…

And as you may notice, a turtle is on the crocodile too.
I had no idea how to catch them when somebody orders them.

“The Chinese eat everything with four legs except tables—and everything that flies except airplanes”
This proverb might be true…

If you have got chance to travel Shinzhen, how about trying some crocodile dish?
The price for a dish of crocodile is about $7.

I think I need more time and experiences to be able to order it though.

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