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Jan. 30, 2017

Metrol covered on TV Tokyo’s “TOKYO Galerie: Brilliant Small-to-Medium Companies”

Media Coverage

Metrol was covered on TV Tokyo’s “TOKYO Galerie: Brilliant Small-to-Medium Companies,” presented by actress Kumiko Endo.

See below for the “TOKYO Galerie” website. ▼

“TOKYO Galerie” is a Tokyo TV show meant for younger audiences. Presented by Kumiko Endo, guests appear on the show to talk about topics of interest to young people.

Metrol President Matsuhashi appeared on the show to speak with Ms. Endo.

When we first received the offer to appear on the show, Mr. Matsuhashi was overjoyed at being able to meet Ms. Endo, whom he had seen in TV dramas.
When recording began, Ms. Endo first asked how high precision sensors are used.

Nervous, Mr. Matsuhashi’s mind went blank!

“How should I explain this so anyone can understand?” He found himself drenched in sweat.

Apparently he doesn’t remember anything about the one-hour recording (lol)

However, thanks to the magic of television, Mr. Matsuhashi looked quite cool—with the footage edited down to his best five minutes (lol)

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