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Dec. 12, 2017

A wealth of cutting-edge robotics technology! Exhibiting at the International Robot Exhibition 2017


From November 29th, 2017 (Wed.), through the following Saturday,
we took part in the International Robot Exhibition 2017, sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

The robotics industry is very hot right now,
with the appearance of new technologies like the IoT and AI (artificial intelligence).

The site featured an assembly of the latest robotics technologies from Japan and abroad,
truly a festival on the largest scale so far.

Here you’ll find a description of the Metrol booth as well as introductions
to a few of the newest and most unique robots found on site.

Sensors and robots can now be wirelessly connected!

The Metrol booth exhibited our “Wireless 3D Touch Probe,”
which reduces CNC machine tool precision machining defects to zero.

It uses a 2.4 GHz new wireless communication system which is resistant to noise.
Compared to conventional infrared communication, it realizes highly reliable wireless communication.

It can also be mounted on 5-axis industrial robots to allow free movement in all directions!

Production engineers handling industrial robots and CNC machine tools told us:

“I need wireless to check if the robot’s got a good grasp on the workpiece”
“I’m considering switching from infrared probes, on account of this one is high-quality and also cheap”
“It’s cheap and retrofittable and I want to give it a try right now!”

We handled a variety of specific consultations.

We’d like to thank everyone who visited the Metrol booth.

The robots making their name in 2018…

The site exhibitions were not limited to industrial robots alone.

In accordance with the theme of the exhibition, “The Robot Revolution Has Begun: Toward Heartwarming Society,”
great attention was paid to robots expected to earn their keep in service fields
such as disaster management, nursing care, and education.

Here are some of the cutting-edge service robots which were drawing all eyes ♪

Suddenly the site was jammed with people.
The stage couldn’t even be seen, let alone approached…

What were all the cameras pointing at?!

Toyota’s brand new humanoid robot T-HR3 was making its debut!

This amazing robot can precisely reproduce the finest movements of its operator at a distance, just like a second self!

The demo performance stunned the spectators as the robot moved smoothly to the fingertips,
skillfully rolling a ball or picking up a block, with no delay from the movements of the operator (photo, left).

With this perfect synchronization, is it the robot or the human who’s really the operator?
It’s enough to make you wonder…

With astonishing balance, the robot pulled off poses from anime’s “Sheeeh!” and “KamehameHa”
to comedy’s”Toose!” and “Inochi,” charming us all!

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