METROL specialize in manufacturing Tool Setters & Precision Positioning Switches

Ultra precision position Swhitches  Metrol


A replacement of a “Pin gauge” significantly reduced the inspection time.

Automobile industry

The client is a car parts manufacturer that produces engine parts for a major au…

A replacement of the optical fiber sensors reduced sensor set-up time significantly.

Transportation equipment industry

A bearing manufacturer that produces ball transfers.
A representative of th…

Wirelessly confirm improperly set workpieces, preventing damage to machinery

Automobile industry

A motorcycle manufacturer that has a high share of the market both within and ou…

Detection of CNC lathe processing point misalignment with ±0.5μm repeatability

Precision machining industry

The client is a manufacturer who produces precision components for HDD.
A r…

Detects flaws in the machining process, reducing the inspection process

Precision metalworking industry

A precision metalworking manufacturer that produces motorcycle components.