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2-class Discrimination Switches [CSC]

Sort defectives
without a sequencer!

This type of switch has built-in two precision position switches.

3 classes are categorized as 2 classes. Significant cost reduction without the need for sequences.

Reasons to choose 2-class Discrimination Switches

3 classes are categorized as 2 classes

The 3 classifications (-NG, OK, +NG) are categorized as 2 classifications (OK, ±NG) and
the analog signals are output without an expensive sequencer or discrimination control circuit.

Because OK range is adjustable, defects can be easily identified.

Product list

Product No. Type Protective structure Order Download
CSC Straight touch type IP65 Quote



CSCP Straight touch type IP67 Quote
CSCHP-TAW Sliding, Angled, Offset touch type IP67 Quote

Electrical specification Options / Precautions Technical guide


Switch structure Dry contact
Output mode OK:ON
Repeatability 0.0003mm (range)
Stroke 3mm
A range to adjust OK signals 0-2.7mm adjustable (preset 1mm)
Movement differential 0
Contact life time 10 million
Temperature drift 0
Operating temperature range 0℃-80℃ (Ice-free)
Contact rating DC5V-DC24V


Sorting metal sheets according to the thickness

Checking of the thickness of the objects with a precision of ±0.05mm and sorting them into 2 classes.

+NG:1.56 mm or over
→OK:1.5 (±0.05) mmmm
−NG :1.44 m or less

Assessment of the internal diameter of a processed hole

Checking of the internal diameter of a hole with a precision of±0.03mm and sorting into 2 classes.

+NG:Φ10.04 or over
→OK:Φ10 (±0.03) mm
−NG :Φ9.96mm or less

Confirmation of the depth of a processed hole

Assessment of OK or FAIL (outside the tolerance) for hole depth and dimension.

+NG:10.06mm or over
→OK:10 (±0.05)mm
−NG :9.94mm or less

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