Wired Touch Probe Sensor for CNC Lathes [K3E Series]

Wired Touch Probe Sensor for CNC Lathes K3E Series

Workpiece centering and dimensional measurement on CNC machine tools

The K3E series is a wired 3D touch-probe that is mounted on CNC machine tools for dimensional measurement, centering, and positioning of workpieces.

Detecting Direction
3-Dimension (all-round) type


1μm repeatability, durability of 3 million cycles

Operates at the moment the touch-probe contacts the workpiece, enabling highly precise position detection.

High water and dust resistance with IP67 protection rating

Applicable for use in adverse environments with splashing water, oil, coolant, and chips.

Having No pre-travel (PT)* allows for highly sensitive detection.

(*Pre-travel: the amount of movement from the time the touch-probe contacts the work to the time the output switches)

Wide variety of optional items

Stylus, NO/NC (Open/Closed) measurement signal output, mounting method, cord length, and other options can be selected.

Built-in I/F unit

An I/F unit is equipped as standard to prevent damage to the touch-probe due to in-machine shocks and vibrations or sudden overcurrent from external sources.

Principle Structure

By placing the touch-probe on the stylus tip against the workpiece or table, a high-precision ON/OFF signal is output, which can be input to NC/PC equipment.

The moving part swings with the four points of contact as fulcrums. Since the contacts play the role of fulcrums, a momentary ON/OFF signal is output when one of the fulcrums is detached.

It is recommended to supply power only during measurement to protect the contact-point.
(*The contact force varies depending on the direction of detection. If the contact force varies depending on the detection direction, a perfect circle will not be formed when measuring a perfect circle shape (roving phenomenon), and thus it is necessary to take this specific quality into account.)

Main Specifications

Product Category Wired Touch Probe
Applications CNC lathes
Purpose of use Measuring of workpiece dimensions, centering and positioning
Direction 3-Dimension (all-round) type
Repeatability  0.001mm(2σ)(Recommended operating speed of 50 - 200mm/min)
Protective structure IP67
Contact life time 3 million
Pretravel 0
Stroke  X,Y=±7° Z=3mm
※With stylus F-R40T-405
Contact Force  XY=0.5N Z=5.5N
Stylus material See stylus list
Cable Oil resistant φ5 / 4 cores  Tensile strength 30N, Minimum bending R7
LED lump o
Contact structure NC (Normally closed)
Output mode NO (Normally open)
I/F unit Built-in
Operating temperature range 0 - 60℃ (Ice free)
Accessories Spanner and Wrench for a stylus

Circuit Diagram

CNC工作機械用 有線式タッチプローブ[K3Eシリーズ]の回路図


  • Since the built-in contacts also serve as the swing fulcrum, extremely high operating speeds (see table below) will accelerate contact deterioration. In addition, since contact point materials with low electrical resistance cannot be used, please ensure contact point durability by energizing them only during measurement.
  • Do not use at an operating speed of 10 mm/min or less.



The blue line part can be customized. Please refer to our brochure for details.

Standard Model

*This is the part number of the standard specification of the K3E series.
If you have not determined any specific specifications, please contact us about the following part number.

Product No. Direction of detection Contact force Repeatability Protective structure Contact life time CAD
K3E-ST1 ±X、±Y、Z 3-dimension XY=0.5N Z=5.5N 0.001mm IP67 3 million CAD(DXF)