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Terms of Warranty

We endeavour to achieve zero claims and complaints rate with respect to product quality assurance.

Although malfunctions are a problem that comes before the warranty and even one should be prevented, malfunctions cannot be prevented through our efforts alone. We would therefore like to request that our customers have an understanding of the functions and specifications of applicable products as indicated in our catalogs, instruction manuals and web site to ensure that they are used properly under specified conditions.

Furthermore, applicable products are designed and manufactured primarily for general industrial use.
Therefore, we would also like to request our customers to cooperate in employing a safe design for preventing accidents, fires
and the like through providing of fail-safe measures, preventing operational errors and employing redundant safety designs.

1. Applicable Products

The warranty defined below is applicable to products
manufactured and sold by METROL (to be referred to as
the “applicable products”).

2. Warranty Period

The warranty for applicable products is valid for one year
and three months from the original delivery date to the
location designated by the customer.

*The initial three months are assumed to be a preparation
period until use of the products following purchase.

3. Range of Coverage

a. A replacement product will be provided on an exchange basis or the malfunctioned product will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period. If the product is or becomes defective and that at the sole discretion of METROL, the defects due to faulty materials or workmanship.

However, applicable products will not covered by the
warranty in the case of the following malfunctions even
within the warranty period.

( I ) Malfunctions occurred due to use of a product in a
manner that deviates from standards, specifications,
environments, usage procedures or usage precautions
described in the catalog, instruction manual or

( II ) Malfunctions having occurred for reasons other than
those attributable to the delivered product.

( III ) Malfunctions having occurred due to modifications or
repairs made by someone else other than the Metrol

(IV) Malfunctions or damage that results from external
causes outside our control which shall include
accident fire disaster, other natural disaster or other
force majeure.

b. The range of coverage is limited to warranty of the
applicable product only, and any other secondary loss or
damage resulting from the malfunction of an applicable
product is not covered by the warranty.

c. Please be aware that charges for service (including
installation, de-installation on-site confirmation and
repairs) are not included in the price of products.

4. Applications

Applicable products are designed and manufactured as
general-purpose products used in ordinary industrial

In the case of incorporating an applicable product in an
apparatus, machine or system, please confirm the suitability
of the application along with any related standards,
regulations and restrictions.

With respect to the applications indicated below in
particular, customers are requested to conduct necessary
tests on an actual product in advance after consulting with
the manufacturer regarding usage conditions and other

a. Applications for which usage conditions or environment
are outside those presumed by the manufacturer or
applications unable to be confirmed as being appropriate
by the manufacturer when using applicable products.

b. Applications likely to have an effect on human life or
property (such as nuclear power equipment, transportation
machinery or medical devices), applications used in
public utilities (such as electricity, gas or water lines), or
applications applying correspondingly thereto.

c. Applications in harsh environments (special environments
requiring heat resistance, vacuum and the like)

*Although METROL believes that sound reliability in harsh
environments is one of the characteristics of our products,
there are still cases in which it is difficult to ascertain actual
Since there is the potential for accidents in such cases,
customers are requested to have an understanding of
protective structures, materials and so forth and provide
additional covers and other equipment as necessary.

5. Other Matters

The contents of this catalog, including specific models
and, specifications, and any other contents, are subject to
change without notice at METROL’s sole discretion.