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M5mm slim design
The bestselling Positioning Switch [CS]


Hi, I'm Ayaka Saito who works in Marketing department at Metrol.
Today, I would like to introduce "Positioning Switch [CS]".

This M5mm slim design switch realizes space saving.
It also works with 5μm repetitive accuracy and make it possible to position objects precisely.

You will want to use this switch at your manufacturing line after you check the following applications!

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Starting in 2017, Metrol Switch is available on Metrol's Direct sales site.


PT5M3WACSJ055A-L (Normally open type)
M5, LED type
4650 JPY
PT5M3WBCS065A-L (Normally open type)
M6, LED type
5250 JPY
PT5M3CB-LCS067A-L (Normally open type)
M6, LED type
5250 JPY
PT5S3CB-LCS067A-BL (Normally open type)
M6, LED type
5550 JPY

PT5M3WARealizes reduction in machine size and cost by eliminating the need for an intermediate actuator


PT5M3WBReplacement of proximity sensors allows narrow mounting intervals without causing mutual interference


PT5M3CB-LEliminated the need for the intermediate actuator by replacing proximity sensors


PT5S3CB-L Stable detection of 0.5 mm minute actions


For further information, please contact:

Ayaka Saito (Ms.)

Marketing Dept.

Ayaka Saito



Founded in 1976, METROL specializes in manufacturing ultra-high precision position switches.

While most industrial sensors are electrical, METROL has developed "precision mechanical sensors", unlike any other in the world.

Our ultra-precision switches can work at high accuracy even under harsh working conditions.

We have been dedicated to assisting manufacturers improve machine accuracy and reduce costs.
Our products are now used in not only the longstanding automobile and machine tool industries, but also by leading companies in the semiconductor, robot, medical equipment and smartphone industries.

Our unique and distinct product development supports manufacturing across the world.


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