METROL is a sensor manufacturer specializing in
"precision positioning"
that contributes to factory automation.

Since its establishment in 1976, we have been developing, manufacturing, and selling our own brand of highly original and precise sensors based on basic measurement technologies such as mechanical, electrical, electrical, pneumatic, and wireless technology, and our knowledge in machine tools and industrial robots at the core.

Our strength is not only "sensor functionality".
Most sensors can be customized, and we also offer custom-design from scratch.
METROL has a dynamic teamwork and development system designed to provide the best solutions to the individual challenges that arise in the manufacturing process.

METROL is a small, elite organization that can complete everything from product planning to prototyping, development, evaluation, manufacturing, and sales entirely in-house.
We always invest in facilities aggressively, have an in-house system that enables swift completion of production activities, and are selling METROL brand products globally with a commitment to Made-in- JAPAN.
In the machine tool industry, our "tool setters," sensors that detect tool wear, are used by more than 200 NC machine tool builders in a total of 74 countries worldwide, and proudly own the top share in the world. In addition to tool setters, we have developed many other sensors that are indispensable for manufacturing, such as highly precise touch sensors, touch probes, and air sensors.
We help more than 7,000 customers automate, improve productivity, and reduce costs in a variety of fields, including automotive production lines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, robotics, healthcare equipment, and smartphone manufacturing.

We, sensor manufacturers, are only supporters behind the scene.
Sensors themselves are not in the spotlight.
However, in order to maximize the value of our customers who challenge themselves to innovate products, METROL is committed to helping them by establishing a solid organizational structure, developing products that do not imitate others, and generously providing our core technologies.
We believe this is our business purpose and the meaning of our existence in society.

METROL by the Numbers


Business Continuity

Established in1976

It is estimated that 0.05% of companies have been in business for more than 30 years, or 1 in 5,000 companies.


Number of customers

More than7,000
companies worldwide

Many of our clients are manufacturing companies in the automotive, machine tool, medical, robotics, and other fields where market expansion is expected in the future.


Number of countries shipped

74countries worldwide

We do business with customers across the world, including China, ASEAN countries, Europe, North America, and South America.
*In the last 5 years alone


Overseas sales ratio

57Japan% : 43Overseas%

The sales ratio of our sensors in overseas markets is increasing each year.
*Results from 2020


Number of supported machine manufacturers

Over200 companies

Number of equipment manufacturers that have officially purchased and installed METROL sensors as manufacturer parts.


Number of units shipped

More than1.2 million units

Number of sensors shipped by Metrol to customers worldwide in one single year.


Production ratio in Japan

of our products are produced in Japan.

Almost all products are procured and produced domestically, ensuring a stable supply even when overseas procurement is difficult.


Available customization combinations

More than10,000 types

10,000 different customizations and custom-made products are available on a made-to-order basis to match your application.


Percentage of R&D
Capital expenditures to sales

20% or more

We spare no expense in investment for development.
METROL is committed to acquiring new technologies and improving quality and productivity through aggressive capital investment.