METROL specialize in manufacturing Tool Setters & Precision Positioning Switches

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Can I make a call in English?
Yes, our English experts will answer to your questions.
TEL: +81 50 5558 7366

Our office is open from Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm JST.
Kindly consider the time difference between your country when you make a call.

* Chicago, U.S.A : CST +15 Hours
* Los Angels : PST +17 Hours
* Malaysia : MYT +1 Hour
* Israel : IST +8 Hours
* Germany : CET +8 Hours
* U.K : GMT +9 Hours

If you are not in hurry, please send us your inquiry through our Web Form. We can answer to your queries at the earliest.

How can I ask some technical questions?
You can send a contact form from “Contact Us” for technical-related questions.
Our technical experts will answer to you.

We appreciate if you could inform us how you are using the sensor in what environment or attach laugh drawings, so that we can also give you more detailed answers.

Can I request in other languages besides English?
We are afraid that currently only English speakers are available.
Is there branch offices in U.S.A or Europe?
We don’t have any Branch Office in the U.S.A nor Europe, but there are our Distributors in countries listed below.

* U.S.A
* U.K
* Germany
* Poland
* Singapore
* Malaysia
* Turkey
* Israel

If you seek for any assistance for service, kindly send us an inquiry.
We are happy to coordinate for the same.


How can I request for a quotation / place an order?
To request for a quotation, please send us a quotation form from here.
When can I get a reply for Quotation?
We usually send you Quotations within 2- 3 working days. Please refer to the right colum “METROL BUSINESS DAYS”.

Office is closed during Japanese Holidays as below.
* New Years Holiday (from the end of December to the beginning of January for a week )
* May Holiday (Beginning of May)
* Summer Holiday

Can I order and customize Switches?
It depends on quantity and specifications of switches. Please contact us for detail.
Can I order a single unit?
Yes, you can order by a single unit.
Can I purchase as an individual not as a company?
Yes, even individuals can also purchase.
Can I order from Israel?
Yes, every product can be ordered in all over the world.

Please note that our Authorized Distributor will be your corresponding to any inquiries/orders from China, Taiwan, Korea and Hongkong/Macau.

1) China/Hongkong/Macau: Metrol (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
2) Taiwan: Taiwan Metrol Co., Ltd.

Stock / Delivery

We need some products immediately. Do you have these in stock?
We are afraid that almost all the products are make-to-order.
I want to know standard delivery time.
・Standard products : in 2〜3 weeks
・Specified products / Sensors for tool machines : in 3〜6 weeks

Please note that standard delivery time varies depending on seasons and quantity.
We will notify you the exact delivery time with your quotation. Please request for a quote first from here.

Our manufacturing line has stopped due to the broken sensor and need the spare sensor immediately. Can you reduce the manufacturing time?
We are afraid that we cannot reduce the manufacturing time, as almost all the products are make-to-order.

However, we may able to reduce the manufacturing time depending on the situations mentioned by you.
Please free to contact us in advance.

Can I replace the sensor by myself?
Yes, you can replace with the new sensor if the previously broken sensor is the same product number without modifying NC programme at Machine side.
Kindly note that Metrol doesn’t provide NC programme for Machine Tools.
Is there an installation manual available?
We are afraid that there is no specified manual for installation. You can refer to our Catalog for basic installation and cautions.
Click here to download the catalog.


Where can I download Catalogue / CAD/ Instruction manual?
All those data are available from the product list.
Is 3D CAD data available?
We are afraid that we only provide 2D CAD.
The product which I am currently using is not listed in the website.
There are many product numbers due to customization and not every product is listed on the website.

You can request for a Quotation with your product number even if it is not listed.

The Web Inquiry Form is not displaying properly.
Please access again after putting on Java Script of your PC browser if Web Form is not functioning.

If you encounter with errors with Web Inquiry Form, your email ID may not be correct.
Our Web Inquiry Form can receive valid email IDs only.

Warranty / Repair

Can you repair sensors?
Yes, we can repair sensors depending on the broken condition.

Please send us the broken sensor along with the Investigate Request Form from below and we will send you repair estimate after receiving the sensor.

In case the sensor cannot be repaired or you feel the repair estimate is too high at your site, we will ship the sensor back or dispose of it on your request.
Shipping cost for the returned items should be paid at your end.

Is the warranty applicable to the unopened item after 2 years?
Metrol warranty term is for 1 year and 3 months after the sensor arrives at your works. Please note that it will be out of warranty after above period is over even unopened.


Do your products comply with RoHS Directive?
Yes. All of the products in catalogue comply with RoHS.
Are your products applicable to any standards for exportation?
Our products are not applicable to the Export Trade Control Ordinance, CE-mark, Machine Directives and Low Voltage Directive.


Where do you manufacture Sensors?
All of Metrol products are “Made in Japan”.

Our factory is in the west part of Tokyo, where you also enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji.
All the process of manufacturing to quality inspection are carried out consistently in our factory and ship out to all over the world.

I want to see samples of Metrol products. Do you have a showroom?
We are afraid that we don’t have any showroom.

Yet, you can take a look at our Sensors Live in demo at Machine Tool exhibitions or FA exhibitions in the world.

Is my personal information secured ?
We ensure security of customer’s personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more detail.