METROL specialize in manufacturing Tool Setters & Precision Positioning Switches

Ultra precision position Swhitches  Metrol

Tool Setters & Sensors for CNC Machine Tools

Realization of high-accuracy machining by measuring the tool length and measuring workpieces.

Air Gap Sensors

Non-contact switch stably detects the tiny gap between the workpiece and jig with ±0.5μm repeatability

  • Air Gap Sensor NEW!!
    1-100μm Short range type
    DPA-SR1:1 Signal Point Setting Type
    DPA-SR2:2 Signal Point Setting Type
    80-350μm Long range type
    DPA-LR1:1 Signal Point Setting Type
    DPA-LR2:2 Signal Point Setting Type

High-precision Positioning Switches

Realization of accuracy improvement of machine, saving spaces, and cutting costs

Special Purpose Switches

The precision positioning switches applicable to special environment such as high temperature or high vacuum.

Wireless Switch

2.4GHz Radio transmission system resistant to NOISE!

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Tool Setters & Sensors for CNC Machine Tools

Tool Setters for CNC Machining Centers

Machine Operating Rate of CNC Machining tools improve!

Improve machine operating rate and productivity by detecting wear and breakage and correct thermal distortion as well as to preset tool length.

Tool Setters for CNC Lathes

Machine Operating Rate of CNC Lathes improve!!

Realization of an improvement of the machining accuracy and productivity by presetting the cutting tool, detecting wear/chipping, and correcting thermal displacement.

Drill Bit Breakage Detection Sensor

Air drive type!
Resistant to coolant because there is no control motor.

Detect breakage of drill bit / tap / reamer and forestall faults in machined products caused by tool’s damage.

Touch Probe for CNC Machines

High-precision Compact Touch Probe NEW!!

Uninterrupted by Noise!

Resistant to radio wave interference compared to conventional infrared-ray communication and realizes measuring in high accuracy in 5-axis machines or large MFP.

Touch Probes for Robots and Machine Tools

Original design structure resistant to shocks and vibration!

Realization of an improvement of the machining accuracy of machine tools by measuring, centering, or positioning a machined workpiece.

Air Gap Sensors

Air Gap Sensor NEW!!

±0.5μm− Repeatability!!
Effectively prevents CNC industrial machined defect products.

Detects workpiece floating due to cutting chips,
preventing defective products at the manufacturing stage.

High-precision Positioning Switches

Ultra-small Precision Positioning Switch NEW!!

The world’s smallest!
M5 x 17 mm Switches.

Realization of precise positioning and downsize machines in the smallest size and in a limited installation space.

High-precision Positioning Switch

0.5 micron in repeatability without an amp!
IP67 protective structure.

Realization of the precision positioning under harsh working conditions where coolant oil or cutting chips splatter.

Positioning Switch

M5 Slim design, high cost performance!
Mutual interference doesn’t occur.

The top-selling contact switches with a wide variety of shapes.

Machine components with a Built-in Switch

Ball Plunger Switch NEW!!

Φ4 The world’s smallest!
Mini Ball Plunger with a built-in switches.

Can be used for indexing and positioning of a rotating object, and confirmation signal.
Realization of compact machine size by reducing the number of parts.

Stopper Bolt Switch

2 in 1 !
Housing a switch in a stopper bolt.

This switch stops the workpiece and output signals.
Realization of compact machine size by reducing the number of parts.

Mini Stopper Switch

Φ8 x 8 mm !
Attachable to robot hands.

Directly embedding the mini switch in the limited installation space can realize downsizing of machines for confirmation of the chuck of robot hands or seating confirmation of workpiece.

Spring Plunger Switch

2 in 1 !
Housing a switch in a spring plunger.

Suited for detecting knocking out signal.
Realization of compact machine size by reducing the number of components.

Special Purpose Switches

Low contact force Switch

Low contact force, 0.1N!

Best suited for detecting fragile or deformable fine workpieces such as semiconductors and ceramic tools.

Heat resistance Switch

Operating upper limit temperature 150℃ / 200℃!

Best suited for positioning under high-temperature environments such as in metallic molding or injection molding.

High-vacuum resistance Switch

10-5Pa high vacuum class-compatible switches.

Best suited for positioning under vacuum environment where mask or wafer is detected in semiconductor production system.

Wireless Touch Switch

Dimension Discriminating
Wireless Switch for Turret Lathes

Prevents workpiece demension defects on CNC turret lathes.

Wireless switch can be retrofitted to turret lathes.
Prevent defects by detecting the bar length before machining.

Wireless Touch Switch for Machine Tools

Workpiece seating can be detected wirelessly.

Suitable for Large Turnmill Centers and 5-Axis Machine Tools for precision seating confirmation.