High Precision Positioning
Touch Switches

METROL Touch Switches are high precision touch switches with ON/OFF switching that enable
"high precision positioning" in all types of equipment such as jigs, industrial robots, and machine tools.


Feature 01

High accuracy achieved by the touch/contact method

- High-precision positioning with a maximum repeatability of ±0.5 μm.
- This is a mechanical switch made of precision parts but is not affected by noise.

Feature 02

Protection rating IP67, usable in environments with water and oil

- Proven track record of use in adverse environments where water, coolant (oil) and chips are present.
- It has an ON/OFF cyclic durability of 3 million to 10 million times. (Some IP65 or lower).

Feature 03

A comprehensive lineup allows you to find the best switch for your needs

- Over 200 variations of standard products alone.
- We have a variety of switches specialized for various applications such as confined spaces, high temperature environments up to 200°C, vacuum chambers, and low contact force types.

Feature 04

Customization available

- A variety of catalog options are available to match the customer’s operating environment and detection location and will propose dedicated designs.

Touch Swiches Product line

Ultra-compact High Precision PT-Touch Switches

World's smallest level M5 x 17mm
enables miniaturization of machines

The world's smallest size with a repeatability of 1μm, enabling precision positioning in a tight space and miniaturization of machines.

High Precision MT-Touch Switches

0.5 μm repeatability without amplifier
IP67, highly resistant to adverse environments

Top-of-the-line switch model for accuracy and durability
Performs precision positioning in adverse environments with splashing water, oil, coolant, and chips.

CS-Touch Switches

Compact and low-cost
No mutual interference even when spaced at 5 mm intervals

Extensive variations and optional contacts. The best-selling positioning switches.

Ball Plunger Switch Sensors

World's smallest: φ4
Ball plunger with built-in switch

Indexing by ball plunger and confirmation signal output. Reduce the number of parts to make smaller machines at lower costs.

Stopper Bolt Switches Sensors

Two-in-one unit
Stopper bolt with built-in switch

Stops the workpiece with a stopper bolt and outputs a confirmation signal. Reduce costs by reducing the number of parts!

Micro-stopper Switches

Compact size (8 x 8 mm dia.)
Mountable on robotic fingertips

It can be directly embedded in a limited mounting space for chuck confirmation of a robot hand, workpiece seating confirmation, among others, to reduce the size of the machine.

Spring Plunger Switch Sensors

Two-in-one unit
Spring plunger with built-in switch

Workpiece ejection by spring plunger and confirmation signal output.
Reduce the number of parts to make smaller machines at lower costs!

Low-contact Force Switches

Low contact force of 0.1N

Ideal for detecting workpieces prone to scratching or deformation, such as semiconductors and ceramics.

Heat-resistant HT Switches

Usable in high temperature environments up to 200°C

Touch switches made of heat-resistant materials. The HT series is the only switch usable in high temperature environments such as in tooling and injection molding machines.

Switches for High Vacuum Class

High vacuum at 10-5Pa with low outgassing

Switches made of low outgas materials. Lower cost than sensors with amplifiers. Used in many wafer and mask detection applications in vacuum chambers and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Comparative Chart of Touch Switch

Name of series Outer diameter Overall length Repeartability Contact force How to touch the objects Operating temperature range High-vacuum resistance
High Precision MT-Touch Switches 8 - 14mm 38 - 84mm 0.5μm 1N - 1.5N Straight・Angled 0 - 80℃ ×
Ultra-compact High Precision PT-Touch Switches 5mm 18 - 25mm 1 - 3μm 0.5 - 0.8N Straight 0 - 80℃ ×
CS-Touch Switches 5 - 12mm 15 - 66mm 3 - 5μm 1N - 1.5N Straight・Angled - 80℃ ×
Ball Plunger Switch Sensors 4 - 6mm 12 - 32mm 10μm 1N - 8N Straight・Angled・Sliding - 80℃ ×
Switches for High Vacuum Class 5 - 16mm 18 - 47mm 3 - 10μm 0.5N - 1.5N Straight・Angled・Sliding 0 - 120℃
Heat-resistant HT Switches 6 - 10mm 19 - 47mm 10μm 1N - 13N Straight・Angled・Sliding 0 - 200℃ ×
Stopper Bolt Switch Sensors 6 - 10mm 51 - 75mm 10μm 2N - 4N Straight 0 - 80℃ ×
Micro-stopper Switches 8 - 10mm 8 - 19mm 10μm 0.8N - 1N Straight・Angled 0 - 80℃ ×
Spring Plunger Switch Sensors 6 - 10mm 40mm 10μm Max 11N Straight 0 - 80℃ ×
Low-contact Force Switches 10mm 30mm 10μm 0.1N Straight 0 - 80℃ ×



Origin setting for semiconductor inspection table

Correction of thermal displacement of XY-axis table in microns


Dispenser nozzle height detection

Z-axis compensation of tabletop robots in microns


Prevention of doubling of thin sheet metal

Detects two pieces of 0.5 mm thick sheet metal at 1/10 the price of a contact-type displacement sensor


Open-close confirmation of the brake pads

Stable detection of minute movements of 0.5 mm or less with no differential response.


Pulse motor drive origin setting

Originating the drive unit, the performance comparable to a servo motor.


Printing machine drum misalignment detection

Stabilized detection of misalignment of each CMYK drum in microns

Main Features and Benefits of Touch Switches

High repeatability
Improve production efficiency and quality control


No differential response
Capable of detecting minute movements of workpieces


Resistant to adverse environmental conditions
Stable detection without being affected by the external environment, such as the material, shape and temperature.


No mutual interference
Usable with narrow intervals


Eliminates the need to fabricate an intermediary actuator for stable detection.
Miniaturization and cost reduction of machines and equipment