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Ultra-small touch probe [K3S series]

The probe body is thinner than prior versions!

The ultra-small touch probes “K3S Series” can easily be mounted even in tiny limited spaces.
Unlike conventional touch probes, the main body is not exposed, so it does not interfere with the spindle or workpiece and does not take up extra space in other tool holders.
Please see case studies of K3S series

The K3S Series has a wide range of customizable options for mounted devices.

Flange mounting model
w/ Direct-out connector

Direct-out connector model

Flange mounting model
Body: Stainless steel

w/ M16×1 Attaching screw


Product Name K3S
Body material Stainless steel
Output mode NC (Normally closed)
Output NC (Normally closed) or NO (Normally open)
(when using the external I/F unit CL-Z1)
Pretravel* 0
Stroke* X,Y=±9° Z=3.5
Repeatability 0.001(2σ)
(Condition: Operation speed of 50 – 500mm/min)
Protective structure IEC IP68
Contact force* X,Y=0.5-0.75N Z=5.5N
Contact rating 24V DC
Steady current: 10mA or less
Rush current: 20mA or less

*Based on an inspection with the standard stylus(F-R30 T-205)


Okamoto Machine Tool Works “Grind-X”

Case Study: positioning a machined workpiece in NC grinder

Okamoto Machine Tool Works

Case Study: positioning a machined workpiece in NC grinder

The main unit fits snugly in the holder

It Can be mounted without using a flange, so it does not take away space from other tool holders.


Case Study: Using touch probes to measure the inner and outer diameters of workpieces in CNC automatic Lathe

IP68 protection rating

IP68 protection rating allows use even when processing while applying coolant.

Accuracy and Durability

Touch probes overcome severe evaluation test!


An universal robot mounted touch probe K3S


measuring the inner diameters of a workpiece by Universal robot

Movie: Study case of touch probe K3S series

Please see our Blog about case studies of K3S series

Movie: DURABILITY TEST of touch probe K3S series

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