Now hiring new graduates for 2018! “The Real Story of a Local Japanese Factory that has Captured the World” published on the “NewsPicks” business news site!

Companies are just about to begin hiring new graduates for 2018.

We've published "The Real Story of a Local Japanese Factory that has Captured the World"
on the "NewsPicks" business news site, as a means to introduce Metrol!

What is NewsPicks?

NewsPicks is a new type of social business news platform, in which users ("Pickers") can post comments and share articles.
The site counts many famous "Pickers" (including Takafumi Horie and Naoki Inose) among its members,
and it has been gaining attention at a pace even outstripping "Nikkei Business Digital."

Would up-and-coming "Pickers" full of ambition on such a hot news site pay any attention to a small-to-medium-sized company like Metrol?

We weren't sure ourselves, but after posting our articlewe had
600 Picks (similar to Likes on Facebook) in only around two weeks!

Our topic was “new graduates and workers sent immediately overseas”

Our article discussed our company culture of "independence" for young employees,who earn their wings in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and India.
We interviewed three sales personnel who were sent overseas about their experiences good and bad.

From the interview:

"I had my first business trip at 4 months in, and was ASEAN director after three and a half years!"
"I approved my own purchases with the company-issued Gold Card"
"I brought us into the Vietnam market from scratch!"

...and many other thrilling experiences.

Rather than just doing what they were told, these men and women had to think carefully about their careers as they developed as employees.

We were happy to receive a lot of comments approving of our company culture of encouraging young employees to excel (yay!).

The article is definitely worth reading, and contains some straight talk from young employees in their 20s who were sent overseas with no experience.

See below for the entire article. ▼


Here is a behind-the-scenes photo of the interview! (^_^)

Everyone's a little nervous in front of the camera.
All three employees looking shy...

Thankfully we had a great cameraman!

As he moved all over the carpet he was able to get some great shots—so good one might be forgiven for thinking the photos were altered!

See the final product in the NewsPicks article!