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Dimension Detecting
Wireless Switch for CNC Turret Lathes [RC-P10DB]

Prevents workpiece demensional errors on CNC turret lathes.

Able to detect the bar length with 1µm repeatability before machining by installing directly to a turret tool holder, where manipulating wiring is difficult.

Eliminates full inspection which takes lots of man-hours .

Reasons to choose Metrol’s Wireless Switch

Detects the dimension of the bar material with 1µm repeatability.

The detected bar length is fed back to NC machines before machining.
Full inspection after machining can be eliminated by preventing defective products.
This results in significant man-hour reduction.

2.4GHz New radio transimission system resistant to noise.

Wireless switch can be retrofitted to turret lathes, where manipulating wiring is difficult.

Selects the optimal channel automatically by searching the radio wave frequency band at all times.
Reliable communication can be realized.

Detects defects in the machining process, reducing the inspection process.

Product list

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Repeatability 1μm
Sigal transmission format FSK(DSSS)
No. of channels 37
Wireless frequency 2400MHz – 2480MHz
Power ON/OFF signal M code
Signal transmission range Max. 15m
Protective structure IP67

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