A replacement of the fiber sensor realizes high precision positioning

Transportation equipment industry

The client is a manufacturer that produces transportation equipment.
A representative of mechanism design department consulted us on “positioning” of conveyed objects.

Client’s Issues

Fiber sensors have been used for positioning the objects on the conveyer line, however, the uneveness of objects and adhesion of water drop make the precision positioning difficult, resulting in multiple incorrect detections.

The main focus of the issues

Uneveness of workpiece surface and adhesion of water drop cause incorrect detections in fiver sensors.

Metrol’s suggestions

Fiber sensors are not suited for precision positioning since they are easily affected by surface uneveness and water drop adhesion.
Metrol’s “Precision Positioning Switch (CSHP)” is the contact detection type that enables positioning of the conveyed objects with 5µm repeatability without being affected by surface uneveness.
In addition, IP67 protective structure makes it possible to stably detect the objects with water drop.


“Precision Positioning Switch” enables contact detection of the objects without being affected by surface uneveness and water drop adhesion.

Comment from Metrol representative

The “Precision Positioning Switches” introduced here have been adopted in many Japanese manufacturers in applications such as “positioning the glass substrate in the semiconductor manufacturing device” and “positioning under harsh environments with splattering of water.”
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For further information about the products used in this application

Positioning Switch [CSHP]

Contact detection realizes high-precision positioning.
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