[Quality Control] 0.0005mm High Repeatability

One of the great advantages of Metrol's "Precision Positioning Switches" is "high repeatability".

"Repeatability" is the range (R) which represents the difference between the maximum value and minimum value obtained from the variation in the signal point when the contacting part of the switch presses the detected object in 30 times. (Defined by METROL)

Metrol's "high-precision type" positioning switches are capable of exhibitting high repeatability of 0.5µm.

This is how repeatability is measured by Agilent's laser system which has 1/10 millon accuracy. (Agilent is now called Keysight technologies)
As it is shown in the video clip, the variation in the signal points is within 0.5µm.

The differences from proximity sensors

"Proximity sensors" are the most common sensors for detecting workpiece position.

As non-contact type, they can detect an object without damaging or deforming it, however, they are not suited for harsh environment where metal cutting may cause false detection.

Futhermore, electronic parts inside those sensors are easily affected by external environment (like magnetic field and temperature) , resulting in large signal variation.
Mutual interference when used for narrow pitches are also a problem.

On the other hand, Metrol's "Positioning Switches" are pf precision mechanical type consisting of only mechanical components, which are not affected by external environment such as material, shape, temperature and others.
In addition, Metrol's switches are free of temperature drifts due to self generation because of no amplifier and other electronic parts.

Full inspection ensures high repeatability

Repeatability of "High precision type" positioning switches are inspected one by one at our factory before shipping.

Metrol carefully checks over each production process in order to maintain high reliability of our products and to supply them to the world.

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High-precision MT-Touch Switch

Achieves 0.5µm in repetetive accuracy without amplifier.
IP67, resistant to harsh environments.

The precision positioning is possible under harsh working conditions such as CNC machine tools or automobile manufacturing lines.