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Drill Bit Breakage Detection Sensor [DFM3]

Resistant to coolant. Air drive type!

This drill bit breakage detection sensor can be installed on automated and dedicated machine tools for detecting drill bit breakage by contacting a drill, tap, reamer or other tool.
Prevention of defective machined products caused by damaged tools.

Reasons to choose Metrol’s Drill Bit Breakage Detection Sensor

Protective structure IP67!
Outstanding resistance to coolant oil.

DFM3 is the world’s first Pneumatic drive sensor.

Motor-free structure demonstrates the outstanding durability even under harsh working conditions where cutting chips and coolant splatter.

Maintenance cost caused by breakdowns will be considerably cut.

A reasonable price can realize detection of breakage or damage of the tools!

The sensor with M22 mounting diameter is compatible with conventional ones.

Product list

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Air piping sample (DXF)



Drive method Pneumatic drive type (single-action push-out air cylinder type)
Signals 3 signals
Protective structure IP67
Contact force 0.1N
Minimum tool diameter φ0.5mm
Working air pressure 0.4-0.5MPa (dry air)
Output rating DC24V 150mA (MAX)


Tool breakage detection

Multi-spindle processing machine

Tool wear detection

CNC Tapping center

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