Tool Setter Series for CNC Machining Centers [T24・T20 Series]

Tool Setter Series for CNC Machining Centers T Series

High-precision tool setters with full customization options

The T series is a highly accurate and durable tool setter with built-in linear bearings.
Contact-surfaces can be customized, and only METROL offers a lineup of φ20, φ40, and φ60 sizes.
It pre-sets a wide range of tool types on small to large machine tools, performs wear, chipping, and thermal mutation compensation, and contributes to maintaining the machine's precision at all times.


T Series is a two-signal model with overtravel (OT) signal

This tool setter model is equipped with an OT signal, independent from the measurement signal, and is output before the operating limit of the sensor is exceeded.
This feature prevents accidents that could damage equipment and sensors due to collisions.

Supports tool measurement with high-speed contact

Built-in linear bearings allow the tool to be applied to the touch sensor at high speed, which contributes to shorter cycle for tool measurement.

Customization available to your Needs

The T-series can be customized with METROL’s original contact-surface diameters (φ20, φ40, φ60), detachable contacts, surface treatment, for example.
This saves maintenance costs and supports tool length measurement for small to large diameter tools.

Repeatability of 1μm and coolant-resistant IP67 protection rating spec

It performs speedy and automatic tool measurement before starting machining and in-machine tool compensation during the machining cycle.
The IP67 rating ensures high-precision detection even in adverse environments where coolant is applied, contributing to time savings in tool setting.

High reliability + Low cost: Fewer false detection achieved by touch sensor method

Since the detection is made by direct contact with the tool’s leading edge, false detection due to coolant splatter or mist is less likely to occur than with expensive non-contact sensors (e.g., laser sensors), thus ensuring stable detection.

Tool Setter for YAMAZAKI MAZAK VCN-430A
How to measure tool length with small diameter tools

Tool length measurement on a machining center

Main Specifications

Product Name T24E・T20
Purpose of use Tool measurement / Precise blade positioning / Detection of the wear and breakage
Contact diameter Φ20 / Φ40 / Φ60
Repeatability  0.001mm (Recommended operating speed of 50-200mm/min)
Protective structure IP67
Contact life time 3 million
Pretravel Approx. 0.5mm
Stroke  12mm
Contact Force  3.8N(Installation position: Vertical)
Cable Oil resistant φ5.5 / 6 cores Tensile strength 30N, Minimum bending R7
Accessories 0
(Over travel signal) Output mode NC (Normally closed)[About 6mm from skip signal]
(Over travel signal) Contact rating DC24V 100mA(Resistance load)
Operating temperature range 0 - 60℃ (Ice-free)

Circuit Diagram



  • Please install a separate cover when high-pressure coolant or water jets are aggressively hitting the contact-surface or boot protection.
  • Intended coolant used is water-soluble coolant (alkaline). (see P14-5)
  • Do not use at an operating speed of 10 mm/min or less.



The blue line part can be customized. Please refer to our brochure for details.

Standard Model

*This is the part number of the standard specification of the T series.
If you have not determined any specific specifications, please contact us about the following part number.

Product name Contact diameter Output mode Direction of detection Repeatability Stroke Contact life time CAD
T24E-ST1A20 φ20 NO (Normally Open) 1 direction 0.001mm 12 3 million CAD(DXF)
T24E-ST1A40 φ40 NO (Normally Open) 1 direction 0.001mm 12 3 million CAD(DXF)
T24E-ST1A60 φ60 NO (Normally Open) 1 direction 0.001mm 12 3 million CAD(DXF)
T24E-ST1B20 φ20 NC (Normally closed) 1 direction 0.001mm 12 3 million CAD(DXF)
T24E-ST1B40 φ40 NC (Normally Closed) 1 direction 0.001mm 12 3 million CAD(DXF)
T24E-ST1B60 φ60 NC (Normally Closed) 1 direction 0.001mm 12 3 million CAD(DXF)