A replacement of the optical fiber sensors reduced sensor set-up time significantly.

Transportation equipment industry

A bearing manufacturer that produces ball transfers.
A representative of the design department of conveyor systems inquired us about the positioing of conveyed objects.
The "Optical fiber sensors" have been used for positioning objects on the conveyor, but it took a lot of time for sensor setting.

Client’s Issues

Since signal point of the "Optical fiber sensors" varies according to materials and reflection rate of the conveyed objects, frequent sensor replacement which takes long set-up time is necessary for small lot multi-product production lines.

He contacted Metrol through the website, looking for sensors capable of detecting various kind of objects.

The main focus of the issues

Signal point varies according to the materials of the conveyed objects.

Sensor setup is necessary each time the production line is changed.

Metrol’s suggestions

"Switches are not durable and are easily broken. They cannot be used for positioning in production lines"
Many of on-site engineers have these doubts.

Metrol's "High-precision Positioning Switches" are contact type On/Off switches, but can sustain 10 million operations as well as demonstrate 5µm in repetitive accuracy.

Positioning switch included in a ball transfer indirectly touches objects on conveyors.
In this way, sensor setup is no longer necessary when the production line is changed, reducing set-up time significantly,


Realize positioning by contact detection without being affected by the materials of the conveyed objects.

Reduce set-up time significantly because no sensor setup is necessary,

Comment from Metrol representative

Like this case, many manufactures have adopted "High-precision Positioning Switches" for ball transfers in production lines in applications such as "Positioning of glass substrate on conveyor" and "Detection of transparent bottles".

If you have any troubles with sensor set-up time, please feel free to contact us.

For further information about the products used in this application

CS-Touch Switch

10 million contact life time with 5µm repeatability!
The best-selling positioning switches.