Realizes significant cost reduction in detecting double sheet metal feeding.

Sheet metal working industry

A manufcturer that produces sheet metals for automobiles.
A representative of the weld line consulted us on "detection of double sheet metal feeding".

Client’s Issues

The client has been engaging in 0.5mm-thick sheet metal working on automated laser welding lines and having problems in defective products caused by double-feed errors.

To prevent this, "Contact displacement sensor" was used for detecting the number of fed sheets, however the sensor and a display unit were expensive and this was a financial burden.

The client has found our products as a high-accuracy sensor at low cost.

The main focus of the issues

Double sheet metal feed causes defective products.

"Contact displacement sensor" for preventing double-feed error is expensive.

Metrol’s suggestions

For a measurement in automated lines for detecting constant thickness, the numeral display (displacement measurement) is often unnecessary, and "Contact displacement sensor" with a display unit may be an over-engineered solution.

Although it is a contact-type mechanical switch, Metrol's "High-precision Positioning Swith" can achieve 0.5µm repeatability by our original switch structure.
Precision ON/OFF signal makes it possible to detect sheet metal double-feed error at a far lower cost compared than a contact displacement sensor.


Prevent defective products by detecting double-feed error.

Realize significant cost reduction by eliminating the display unit.

Comment from Metrol representative

Is value indication really necessary for positioning in automated lines and in-lines?
As stated already, in many cases, a significant cost reduction has been achieved by replacing expensive "contact-type displacement sensor" with Metrol's "High-precision Positioning Switch".

If you are in trouble with the higher cost of "contact-type displacement sensor", please feel free to contct us.

For further information about the products used in this application

High-precision Positioning Switch [MT]

0.5µm repeatability!
Replacement of "contact displacement sensor" reduce the cost significantly. Precision detection of double sheet metal feeding can be realized.