Detects dimensional errors of pipes, reducing the full inspection process.

Automobile part industry

An automobile part manufaturer that produces precision parts for a major automaker.
A representative of the production engineering section consulted us on "dimensional errors" in machining the pipes with CNC turret lathe.

Client’s Issues

A turret lathe was used for machining the pipes for automobile parts, but there were problems with the accuracy of the parts feeder, which resulted in workpiece "dimensional errors".

"Dimensional errors” occur at the rate of one in ten thousand, however, full inspection process which requires a lot of man-hours was conducted to find defective products and pick out them.

Due to labor shortage, the client wanted to reduce this manual process and found our website.

The main focus of the issues

Need to eliminate the full inspection process for defective products that occur in one out of 10,000 pipes.

Metrol’s suggestions

Metrol's "Dimension Detecting Wireless Switch " which employs 2.4GHz FSK wireless system enables reliable radio measurement even under a harsh environments inside the turret lathe where coolant splatter.

By detecting workpiece dimmensional errors and picking out defects before machining, full inspection can be eliminated.


Metrol's "Wireless Switch" enables internal machine measurement for detecting workpiece dimensional errors before machining.

The full inspection process can be eliminated by preventing defective products in the manufacturing process.

Comment from Metrol representative

Like the case introduced here, “Dimension Detecting Wireless Switch” has been continuously adopted by many manufacturers to prevent defective products on turret lathes.
If you have any trobles with dimensional errors on turret lathes, please just consult with us.

For further information about the products used in this application

Dimension Detecting Wireless Switch for CNC Turret Lathes

1µm repeatability!
Prevents workpiece demensional errors on CNC turret lathes.