Specification changes of the cable [IMPORTANT]

We would like to announce changes in the specifications for our products.

The current cable will be discontinued due to aging facilities of our cable supplier.
The cable specification changes will be applied to shipments on and after 1 June, 2021.

1) Obtained UL flame retardant grade VW-1
2) Changed AWG grade from 30 to 26 (without Tetoron threads)
3) Effective date: shipments on and after 1 June, 2021

*The other specifications (cable diameter, bending radius, color, price and product number of sensors) will be not changed.

Applicable products *IMPORTANT*
You can search applicable products from the following excel file.
Please download it and confirm applicable products.

[Download] List of the applicable products for the cable specification changes.xlsx

Notice: Change of the cable specifications