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Ultra precision position Swhitches  Metrol

Touch Probes for Robots and Machine tools [K series]

Resistant to shocks and vibration!

Mounted on CNC machine tools or robots, it is used for positioning, dimension detection and centering of a work.

The broad lineup of sensors from one-direction to all-direction we provide has realized the improvement of machining accuracy.

A wide variety of dedicated types depending on the intended use.

All purpose K3E


K2 For CNC lathes

3-Direction (±X・Z)

K3M For Robots


E2A For CNC Cylindrical grinders

2-Direction (±X)

Product list

Machine Product No. Direction Download
All purpose K3E 3-Dimension
Catalog & Specification sheet
CNC Lathes/Special Purpose Machines K2 3-Direction (±X・Z)
Robots K3M 3-Dimension
CNC Cylindrical Grinders E2A 2-Direction (±X)

◎The official product No. will be given once your delivery spec sheet is submitted.
◎For wireless probes, please see Ultra Precision Compact Touch Probe [RC-K3E].


Switch structure Dry contact
Repeatability K3E:0.001mm (2σ)
K3M:0.01 – 0.03mm (Depending on operating speed)

Protective structure IP67
Contact rating DC5V-DC24V


CNC Machining centers

Zero seek for machines

CNC Surface grinding machines

Measurement of workpiece end surfaces

Industrial robots

Positioning of workpiece dimensions

CNC cylindrical grinders

Measurement of workpiece end surfaces

Technical Catalog Download

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